Haute Time Dares To Be Rare With Roger Dubuis And Pirelli As We Race To Monaco

Haute Time Dares To Be Rare With Roger Dubuis And Pirelli As We Race To Monaco

Martin Green
By Martin Green May 25, 2017

Roger Dubuis adds a race-infused new chapter to their partnership with Pirelli, in the “Run to Monaco.” From May 23rd to 29th some of the world’s most exotic and desirable sports cars drive over 1.000 kilometers from Bordeaux to Monaco.

Mood Picture 2017 - Excalibur Spider Pirelli -  RDDBEX0617 RD820SQ calibre
They do this over winding roads, through vineyards and mountains, soaking up the sun and the landscape, with the hot asphalt passing underneath their Pirelli tires.

Of course, the cars are not the only ones that are “wearing” Pirelli, because so do the drivers. Around their wrist is are the new Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pirelli, combining the DNA of both brands.

From Pirelli comes the rubber strap inlays. Not only is the motive on them similar to that of the famous Pirelli Cinturato intermediate tire, but the straps also have already quite a few miles on them before they are attached to the watch. The rubber used is coming from Pirelli race tires that have actually competed on the track. Another clear reference to the legendary tire manufacturer are the accent colors used in Spider Pirelli. They are taken after the color coding that Pirelli uses for their Formula 1 tires: red for Supersoft, yellow for Soft and blue for Wet. These colors not only offer a bold contrast with the titanium black DLC case of the Roger Dubuis but also happen to be some of the most popular colors for people to order their favorite sports car in.

Mood Picture 2017 - Excalibur Spider Pirelli -  RDDBEX0616  RD820SQ calibre
Roger Dubuis adds, of course, their expertise as Haute Horlogerie Manufacture. This comes in the shape of the highly detailed titanium case, which features a coating of Diamond Like Carbon (DLC), which sets the stage for the movement.

Caliber RD820SQ shows how avant-garde a classical movement can be. Although futuristic regarding its looks, the movement proudly carries the “Poinçon de Genève,” or “Geneva Seal,” guaranteeing a superb finishing. The movement itself is carried by a structure of thin bridges, with a star motive bursting from the center of the mainspring barrel. This mesmerizing caliber is fitted with a skeletonized micro-rotor and features a power reserve of 60 hours, and each color is limited to 88 pieces.

Mood picture 2017 - Excalibur Spider Pirelli - Automatic Skeleton - RDDBEX0575
These qualities make it especially a good companion to have a road trip with, preferably a long one, in an exciting car, like the “Run to Monaco”!

You can follow the run with Roger Dubuis and Pirelli on Instagram and Facebook, right up to the Monaco Grand Prix!