Watch: “Talking Time” With George Mayer Of WatchBox And Super Bowl Champ Mitchell Schwartz Of The Kansas City Chiefs

Watch: “Talking Time” With George Mayer Of WatchBox And Super Bowl Champ Mitchell Schwartz Of The Kansas City Chiefs

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote May 28, 2020

Haute Time continued the “Talking Time” series of webinars on the watch industry with a special conversation featuring George Mayer of WatchBox and Super Bowl Champ Mitchell Schwartz of the Kansas City Chiefs. Schwartz is the Right Tackle on the offensive line and key in blocking for Quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

They were hosted by Haute Time’s Seth Semilof in an hour-long talk that went deep into the strength of WatchBox as a leader in all things pertaining to the timekeeping industry, WatchBox’s development as a platform for high-end pre-owned watches, philanthropic efforts between the two panelists, Schwartz’s growing collection (aided by Mayer), and more. Watch the full webinar below.

Mayer detailed the growing inventory and track record of WatchBox. “We are a global pre-owned platform. We are now in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Switzerland, and in the U.S. We are looking to become the largest pre-watch dealer in the world, and we are seeing a trend in the industry that people are trading more than ever.”

The guests spoke about their friendship, developed on their passion for football and fine watches. Schwartz complimented Mayer’s knowledge of watches and the part he has played in his collection. “He (Mayer) knows how to curate a collection. I haven’t had mistakes in what I buy because George has helped me in the process,” said the NFL veteran.

WatchBox and Schwartz worked together to support the “ALL IN Challenge” with a weekend experience for every football fan, foodie, and “watch guy” out there. The online auction–which included the ever-elusive stainless steel Rolex Daytona–raised $55,000 for COVID-19 relief and to fight food insecurity.

“It was really exciting. We were talking throughout the process, psyched how the bid went up,” said Schwartz. It jumped from the low 30s to the final bid of $55,000. Being able to help like that and put our shared interests together is really special. It’s definitely going to an awesome cause.”

“We wanted it to be special,” added Mayer. “If you’re in the watch industry, you know the Rolex Daytona. We are extremely happy with the result.”

Semilof asked Schwartz to talk a bit about the Super Bowl-winning run that the Chiefs had earlier this year. “We had a magical run at the end there,” Schwartz said. “Through sheer force of will, we were able to come back. When I was younger, I didn’t know I wanted it this bad. It’s special, not something to take for granted. There’s nothing like it. It takes so many guys; to come together as a team, hanging out every day, that’s what makes winning that much more special.”

On the upcoming NFL season, he said, “We will see about fans (being in the stadium) for the beginning of the season. There will be rules and regulations in terms of safety. That’s something to balance out, but we are in a good space going into this year.”

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