Embraer’s Manhattan Airship Is At Once Art Deco And Modern

Embraer’s Manhattan Airship Is At Once Art Deco And Modern

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote June 9, 2018

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The gilded Manhattan cityscape is taking to the skies in a novel way with Brazilian jet manufacturer, Embraer. The company’s Manhattan Airship concept embodies a bold design that pairs the luxury of a private plane and the opulence of New York’s rich borough, as captured in a reimagination of the golden Art Deco eon.

The Manhattan is Embraer’s latest creation after hits such as the Japanese-inspired Kyoto Airship, the Brazil-meets-Texas Skyranch One and the celebrity-hailing Hollywood Airship. The concept aircraft is the brainchild of Embraer interior design head Jay Beever and former Disney Imagineer Eddie Sotto, who infused the fuselage with elements characteristic of Art Deco’s jewelry, buildings and furniture.


The result is a highly bespoke interior that comes with a price tag of $83 million, which includes $53 million for the Embraer’s iconic Lineage 1000E, the backbone and bearer of the Manhattan.

Lineage 1000E’s Manhattan edition, which boasts a range of close to 5,300 miles, easily accommodates between 13 to 19 passengers, who, upon entry, step into an upscale lounge instead of a galley. Next to it is a Cloud Club, complete with fold-away bar stools.

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Further inside, Embraer’s hallmark portrait view windows afford unforgettable vistas from a variety of spaces that invite both business meetings and relaxation. At the very back, the Crystal Room sits six passengers for gourmet dining. In the Manhattan, unlike the standard Lineage 1000E, the crew facilities are also at the tail of the plane.

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A full-sized bed and two-person shower could be added to the layout of the Manhattan, which features a slate of digital system to control the ambience in the cabin.

Embellished with the right combination of vintage details and modern amenities, Embraer’s Manhattan takes to the skies in a thrilling marriage of comfort and indulgence that redefine the executive-jet experience.