Crescere Concept Yacht – 132 meters of innovation and luxury

Crescere Concept Yacht – 132 meters of innovation and luxury

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote June 1, 2021

Crescere in Latin translates to “to grow,” and with the revolutionary design by U.S. based designer J. David Weiss brings forward greener technologies and aims at a yacht going green, albeit with many styles. The superyacht imbibes the persona of a modern-day luxury vessel while having a fresher, greener outlook.

Proj Crescere Bow HeliPhoto Credit: Designova Creative

The highlight of the 132-meter superyacht has been the built-in saltwater pool. Bringing efficiency and reducing the weight on the hull, the 52-ft by a 10-ft lap pool disappears when not in use and transforms into a helipad – that’s a clever mechanism! To access the pool, the glass panels rise out of the foredeck while the high-speed pumps fill it with salt water.

Designova Creative CrescerePhoto Credit: Designova Creative

Apart from the disappearing pool, one cannot miss its distinctive green exterior. The uncluttered, clean line is a sharp and futuristic nod to the future of superyachts. “Not designed purely as a “party boat”, the space allocation instead follows a dual use owner vision of “Rest + ReCreate”, with all interior social “ReCreate” spaces localized inside the naturally lit and openable Greenhouse, and Rest spaces in the surrounding darker, quieter “cocoon” areas.”, said designer J. David Weiss.

corellian aft.224Photo Credit: Designova Creative

Crescere Concept Yacht pays attention to the environmental aspect as well. This concept yacht has its own tropical garden and a greenhouse core. The designer has aimed to make the boat spacious and airy feeling plus a place where the guests can relax along with clever space utilization. The lounge possesses an intelligent watering system controlled autonomously via custom software and a raft of sensors. The massive glass areas blur the distance between the guests and nature. These glasses also bring in abundant sunlight, thus reducing the need for lights. The tender can carry cars so that you can take your car collection with you!

Proj Crescere NightPhoto Credit: Designova Creative

The hull of Crescere is retro-inspired, taking cues from a classic sailboat. However, its heart is as advanced as it can get.  Powered by a hybrid power train of electric and diesel, the engine is accompanied by bio-fuel generators and solar panels, which charge the big battery banks. The electric motors are used for everyday purposes, while the diesel power source is used when additional speed is required. Even after being a large yacht, Crescere has an ample 40 mph speed- akin to smaller vessels.

All in all, Crescere is poised to be a globally recognized mega vessel, with the soul of a smaller, sportier yacht, with a green conscience to boot.