Chopard Presents Happy Dreams Jewelry Collection with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons

Chopard Presents Happy Dreams Jewelry Collection with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote April 25, 2017

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To celebrate its new jewelry collection, Swiss jeweler and watchmaker Chopard transformed its Dubai boutique into a fairy-tale retreat.

Together with its long-time partner Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, the label introduced its Happy Dreams line by giving its boutique in Dubai mall a spellbound makeover.

For the premiere, the space floated in a heavenly state with columns of white hydrangeas effusing their subtle aroma and clouds passing over the window displays. To honey the ambiance even more, special cloud-like sweets piqued the taste buds of the attendees, who also enjoyed a live musical performance by the French pop band “The Gypsy Queens.”

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While the ambiance riveted, it was the Happy Dreams collection that swirled in the center of everyone’s attention. The line consists of 18 pieces – pendants, rings, necklaces and earrings. Rendered in white or rose gold, the jewelry shimmers with Chopard’s signature free-spinning diamonds. The gems glisten and twirl in delicate designs of overlapping circles.

The free-moving diamonds have been part of Chopard’s aesthetic codes since the 1970s. In the following decades, the precious stones, evoking the sunny glint of droplets in a waterfall, have shone through various exquisite interpretations in both watches and jewelry. They became an icon and hallmark of the brand.

Dubbed “Happy Diamonds,” the brand’s iconic free-spinning gems started with designer Ronald Kurowski’s fascination with the sparkle and movement of unset diamonds. Closed between two plaques of sapphire crystals, they debuted in a men’s watch that soon spawned a women’s counterpart.

Still an innovative creation in jewelry and watchmaking today, “Happy Diamonds” are set in gold from Chopard’s own foundry so that they do not scratch the sapphire crystal. Meanwhile, the sheathing enhances the diamonds’ mobility, upon which the radiance of the piece relies.

The Happy Dreams collection blooms on these unexcelled standards of adornment, beaming its sheen skyward.