Carapace, The Super Yacht That Turns Into A Submarine

Carapace, The Super Yacht That Turns Into A Submarine

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote January 10, 2020

The Carapace is the super-yacht that turns into a submarine. No, you did not misread it. The 256-foot long ship can metamorph into a submarine and dive to almost 1,000 feet for up to 10 days.

Carapace 1Photo Credit: Elena Nappi/Solent News

Elena Nappi, a naval architect/industrial designer from shipbuilder Fincantieri S.p.A., is responsible for the design of the hybrid mega-ship. The Carapace comes with a bar, gym, infinity pool, lounge, spa, sun deck and VIP-sized cabins. It will have a top surface speed of 16 knots. In all, the high standard of luxury accustomed to a mega yacht.

Carapace 2Photo Credit: Elena Nappi/Solent News

“This study is the result of my degree in Naval Architecture and it is intended as an investigative tool in the field of nautical experimentation,” wrote Nappi. Carapace takes its name from part of the exoskeleton present in some animals, and in the design is represented by a sun canopy arrangement forming the superstructure.

Carapace 3Photo Credit: Elena Nappi/Solent News

Carapace will have a structure made of light aluminium, which confounds the senses since it is supposed to dive quite a lot under the water. However, Nappi’s initiative to accomplish this feat would make any doubters quite speechless along with those that are already.

Carapace 4Photo Credit: Elena Nappi/Solent News

Nappi imagines the use that the boat/superyacht/submarine will be able to provide. “Whoever buys a boat does not need just a boat, but needs the sea, to feel free, to dream, needs emotions, to feel fulfilled and appreciated, needs supplies to stay away for a long time, needs security, of prestige, of comfort, of beautiful experiences,” she said. “Today with the run-up to ever larger boats to show off at the port, contact with water has been lost and it is time to restore it.”

Carapace 5Photo Credit: Elena Nappi/Solent News

As one would expect, the price tag for Carapace is expected to be in the tens, if not hundreds, of dollars.