Haute News: Tudor Is The Official Timekeeper Of Inter Miami CF

Some exciting news broke for Inter Miami CF as Tudor has announced its role as the Official Timekeeper of the league.

By Adrienne Faurote

Breaking Boundaries: Tudor Unveils the Pelagos FXD Series in Collaboration with Alinghi Red Bull Racing

Tudor has introduced two new models, the Pelagos FXD and Pelagos FXD Chrono, as part of its collaboration with Alinghi Red Bull Racing.

Racing With Time: On The Clock With Cycling Legend & Leader Of The Tudor Pro Cycling Team, Fabian Cancellara

Haute Time goes on the clock with cycling legend and leader of the Tudor Pro Cycling Team, Fabian Cancellara.

Watches of Switzerland Welcomes New Black Bay Fifty-Eight In Blue

The popularity of some watches takes off the moment that they were introduced. This was indeed the case for the Black Bay Fifty-Eight, which Tudor launched in 2018. It was not only the charismatic black and gold color scheme that made the watch so instantly popular but also its size of 39mm. With that it is perfectly proportioned, breathing vintage style while being large enough to offer modern-day appeal.

Rolex, CHANEL, Chopard, Patek Philippe & Tudor Drop Out Of Baselworld, Start New Show With FHH

Rolex and Patek Philippe are among five major luxury watch brands that have decided to leave Baselworld and begin a new fair with FHH.

Bold And Bronze: The Staying Power Of A Not So New Material

As a material, does bronze have an imposing history playing, especially an essential role from around 3300 till 600 BC. During this period, which is even named the Bronze age, was the alloy made from combining tin with copper. The advantage of bronze was that it is very malleable and also less brittle than, for example, cast iron, so perfect for making a great variety of different objects. As the material is very resistant to corrosion from seawater, it has also played a particularly important role in maritime history.

The Record Shattering 2019 Edition Of Only Watch

Records are there to be broken, but who would have thought that this would happen last weekend at Christies' in Geneva, Switzerland in such a spectacular way? There the biennial auction to support the fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Only Watch, took place. It consisted out of 50 one-of-a-kind watches donated by the respective brands. The auction raised a very impressive CHF 38,593,000,- of which CHF 31,000,000,- was contributed by the sale of a single watch; the only stainless steel Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010.

Before Only Watch 2019 Announces Lineup, Here Are Last Edition’s Top Sellers

The biennial Only Watch charity auction is gearing up for the 2019 edition, slated to take place in November. For those who are not familiar with this event, Only Watch auctions off one-of-a-kind models created by some of the best watch brands in the business with proceeds going to fund research on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Watches Of Switzerland Opens Newest NYC Boutique At Hudson Yards

Watches of Switzerland is on a rapid U.S. expansion and has opened its latest stunning boutique at the revolutionary Hudson Yards retail complex in NYC.

Hot Hues: GMT Watches With Red and Blue Bezels

With a striking color combo, practical functionality, and catchy “Pepsi” nickname, GMT watches with a red and blue bezel are (yet again) having a moment in the luxury watch space.

Claim Their Game! The Best Men’s Watches For Women

It must be painful to the other sex, but women have a far larger range of watches to choose from. While many men immediately look elsewhere when there is even a hint that a certain model might also be worn by the fairer sex, women do not have these issues. In fact,

Watch Brands With The Highest And Lowest ‘Digital IQ’

One of the conclusions of the report is that large, well-funded companies that already have strong brand recognition are doing much better than smaller brands. That advantage is reinforced among luxury holding companies, which again benefit from having big pockets

The Surprising, Record-Breaking Results Of The ONLY WATCH Auction 2017

This Saturday evening, Christie's in Geneva was the stage for ONLY WATCH 2017, a charity auction in which the proceeds are being used to help find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Watch brands donate unique watches to the auction, giving collectors and connoisseurs the opportunity to own a truly unique watch. While all watches did well, some did a bit better than others!

All The Winners Of The GPHG 2017

It was a magnificent evening once again in Geneva, at the 2017 edition of the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve (GPHG), also known as the Oscar's of the watch world.

Bronze, An Old Material Whose Time Has Come

Bronze cases have largely been used for divers’ watches since the material is virtually rust proof but it does have other uses

Watches & Whisky: The Glenlivet + Tudor

In the latest watches & whisky feature, we take a look at the exclusive Scotch Whisky Glenlivet and luxury watch brand Tudor.

14 Winning Watches at GPHG 2016

By Roberta Naas Last night in Geneva, 14 timepieces were honored at the annual Grand Prix de Horlogerie Geneva, which pays tribute to one watch in each of a dozen different categories. The final 14 winners were culled down from an initial 160+ watches that were submitted by brands in June. Additionally there was a Special Jury Prize awarded to The George Daniels Educational Trust. Here we bring you a look at the winning watches