Exquisite Watches That Say It With Flowers

Flowers have been a source of inspiration for jewelry since the beginning of time. Centuries ago, skilled goldsmiths already worked gemstones and gold into creations that resembled their natural counterparts. In watches, this is less common, because it is far more challenging to integrate the beauty of a flower within an object that is limited in its dimensions and also has another function to full fill. Of course, this didn't stop a fair amount of brands from pursuing this avenue and say it with flowers.

By Adrienne Faurote

The Purposely Complex World Of Christophe Claret

Christophe Claret has reached a rockstar status that only a few watchmakers ever achieve. Born in 1962 in the French city of Lyon, he had early on a passion for watchmaking and went on studying under Roger Dubuis at the Geneva Watchmaking School. Even before his graduation, he opened a workshop of his own where he restored vintage watches. It where especially the complex movements in which Claret could utilize his talent. Only a few years after his graduation, he already developed and delivered minute-repeater movements to Ulysse Nardin, who used them in their San Marco collection.

The Best Watches Of SIAR 2019

Every year the Salón Internacional de Alta Relogeria, better known as SIAR, gets bigger and better. Most of the brands attending have already taken on the tradition to take something special with them to this fair in Mexico. Most launch a special edition of an existing watch, but some take even a whole new watch with them. Take a look at some of the best watches introduced at this years edition of the SIAR;

Christophe Claret: A Maestro At Work

In the world of watches does Christophe Claret holds a special status. As a master watchmaker, he developed not only many complicated pieces for other brands such as the Ulysse Nardin San Marco minute repeater watch, but also innovates with the brand that bears his own name. This innovation is not only mechanically driven but also aesthetically. The Maestro is a perfect example of this, especially in this gem-stone set version.

Haute Complication: Christophe Claret Angelico

With the Angelico has Christophe Claret created yet another masterpiece. In his own unique style, he puts the mechanical aspect of the watch on center stage. The result is a watch that is very modern in appearance, although many of the technical ideas behind it are rooted in the history of watchmaking. Christophe Claret often reinvents them, refines them, or gives them an unexpected twist. This avant-garde approach has become his signature and is also clearly visible in the Angelico.

SIHH 2019: Christophe Claret Marks 10th Anniversary With The Angelico

While master watchmaker Christophe Claret has been producing exceptional complications for leading Swiss watch companies since the 1980s, he founded his eponymous brand in 2009. To mark the 10th anniversary of the brand this year, the boutique haute horology manufacture unveiled the limited-edition dual time jump hour Christophe Claret Angelico, which combines a tourbillon with a long detent escapement and a cable-type fusee transmission system—a world’s first for a wristwatch.

Haute Complication: Christophe Claret Adagio

Christophe Claret is in many ways a renaissance man, and this is especially evident in watches like the Adagio. It combines practical complications with an exquisite movement and captures them both in a bold case with delicate details.

Watch of the Week: Christophe Claret Maestro Mamba

Christophe Claret reimagined his Maestro into the habitat of one of the fiercest and most dangerous snakes in the world, the Mamba! Fortunately for its owners, it is a highly detailed snake made from pink gold painted with green SpectraCoat, which houses on the dial.

Haute Time’s Top 5 Independent Watches At Baselworld

Change for many independent brands as they now have a new location at Baselworld. What didn't change? The great watches that they brought to the show!

Five Good Reasons To Celebrate Mother’s Day Every Day

With Mother's Day celebrated on different dates all around the world, we can imagine that every day is Mother's Day. Here are five beautiful timepieces to celebrate Mothers.

Haute Complication: Christophe Claret Gaming Watches

If there is one thing that the world of Haute Horlogerie and gambling have in common, it is the high stakes. Christophe Claret united them both in his "gaming collection."

Pre-Baselworld 2017: Christophe Claret X-TREM-1 StingHD

What is the continuing appeal of pirates and privateers? Their sense of freedom or their adventurous life? Whatever it is, it has long ago also infected the world of Haute Horlogerie, and now Skull and Bones-watches form their own niche. New member to this elite group of watches is the X-TREM-1 StingHD by Christophe Claret.

Bravo! Maestro from Christophe Claret

If discovering an exceptional watch is music to your ears, you’re going to love the “Maestro” timepiece from Christophe Claret.

Christophe Claret and Layla: A Love Story from the Night of Time, With a Variation on Margot, the Brand’s First Complication for Women

By Victoria Townsend We all know the playful and multi award-winner Margot, Christophe Claret’s first timepiece developed specifically for ladies, launched in 2014 and based on the theme “He loves me…he loves me not” with a daisy in the centre of the dial. When pressing the pushbutton at 2 o’clock, 1 or 2 petals slide under the dial, and a degree of love (or not) with the French words for: “he loves me: a little, a lot, passionately, madly, or not at all” are selected, all at random and accompanied by a chime at each press.

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