Aston Martin DBX Is The New Luxury SUV

Aston Martin DBX Is The New Luxury SUV

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote November 21, 2019

The new Aston Martin DBX is a supreme development in the SUV branch of automobile.

The carmaker has designed a new level of luxury with its first SUV.


The Aston Martin DBX was built with a new architecture and to the standards that of beauty, luxury and driving dynamics that Aston Martin owners and all who ride in them have grown accustomed to having. Four years in the making, the DBX gives a new experience to Aston Martin owners in performance, style and use.

Aston_Martin_DBX05-jpgPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Aston Martin

The DBX joins the Aston Martin DB family. “DB” stands for David Brown, who bought Aston Martin in 1947 and whose vision and legacy has defined the company ever since.

“I can’t emphasize enough how incredibly exciting and significant DBX is for Aston Martin,” says Aston Martin Lagonda President & Group CEO, Dr. Andy Palmer. “Through its development alone, this beautiful SUV has already taken the company into new territories and in inspiring directions. DBX also marks a key moment in the delivery of the third and final phase of our Second Century Plan, not only representing the promised expansion of our portfolio but also signaling the start of production at Aston Martin’s second manufacturing plant. We have both delivered this model through our expertise, but also by garnering invaluable experience and knowledge from external counsel, including our Female Advisory Board. This is a real landmark for this great British brand and I promise that DBX will reward all who experience it in their everyday lives.”

Aston_Martin_DBX19-jpgPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Aston Martin

Every department within Aston Martin’s manufacturing facility in St. Athan, Wales had a white canvas to work on the design of the new DBX.

Utilizing bonded aluminium, a construction method Aston Martin has developed through each new version of its sports cars, the body structure is both very light and incredibly stiff, assisting in the delivery of an overall curb weight of 2,245kg. The car was designed to allow maximum room in the cabin, for ultimate comfort for both front and rear occupants. The stiffness inherent in the design of the new platform allows the DBX to achieve exceptional dynamics both on and off-road.

Aston_Martin_DBX10-jpgPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Aston Martin

Adaptive triple volume air suspension has been combined with the latest 48v electric anti-roll control system (eARC) and electronic adaptive dampers to provide the new SUV with a huge breadth of ability. With its capacity to raise the ride height by 45mm or lower it by 50mm, the air suspension gives any driver the confidence to tackle a wide range of terrain. While this provides benefits while on the move, the system can be further programmed to aid with ingress, egress and loading requirements, aiding on a practical level.

The adaptive triple chamber air springs enable variable spring stiffness, giving both luxurious comfort and dynamic prowess. The eARC – capable of 1,400Nm of anti-roll force per axle – can limit DBX’s body roll for handling that is much more akin to that of a sports car than an SUV. This sophisticated system of adaptive air suspension, dampers, and eARC allows for maximum ride comfort when transporting up to five occupants and their luggage while maintaining a highly responsive and engaging dynamic capability.

Powered by a new version of the characterful 4-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 engine found in DB11 and Vantage, DBX features an impressive output of 550PS and 700NM of torque, carefully tuned to meet the specific needs of this model. With a sound character that is unquestionably Aston Martin, the active exhaust system ensures this is a luxury SUV that can sound refined one moment and exhilarating the next. The engine’s versatility isn’t restricted to its vocals either; the turbocharged V8 has cylinder deactivation to enhance fuel economy, yet it can also propel DBX from 0 to 62mph in 4.5 seconds and on to a top speed of 181mph.

Aston_Martin_DBX12-jpgPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Aston Martin

Transmitting this power and torque to the ground is a nine-speed torque converter automatic gearbox, allied to an all-wheel drive system with active differentials featuring an active central differential and an electronic rear limited slip differential (eDiff). This allows the torque to be moved precisely both fore and aft in the vehicle and also across the rear axle. When combined with the bespoke steering system that has been tuned to deliver feel and sports car-like response, DBX imbues the driver with an overriding sense of control, whatever the conditions.

Aston Martin’s first-ever full-size 5-seat model can be adapted to each owner’s needs and lifestyle. The DBX has 632 liters of boot space and 40:20:40 split-folding rear seats, classic SUV expectations, but with Aston Martin’s interiors. Tailored specifications of the DBX include the Pet package, which comes with a portable washer to clean a pet or three. The Snow package has boot warmers to make a ski trip even comfier.

A full-length glass panoramic roof and frameless door glass offer a light and spacious cabin experience. The use of sports car seat packaging in the front not only provides the driver with exceptional support and long-distance driving comfort, but also provides ample clearance for those sitting behind.

Aston_Martin_DBX36Saddle_Bag-jpgPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Aston Martin

The brand’s Female Advisory board, dealership feedback a variety of private focus groups added special touches such as central armrests, the glove box design, and the ergonomic positioning of the car’s key control systems.

The seats are trimmed in full-grain leather, sourced from Aston Martin’s long-term partner Bridge of Weir. The headlining and electric roof blind are available in an Alcantara® finish, providing a harmonious design, light obscuration and solar attenuation without compromising headroom, a first for the industry.

The center console allows storage that keeps valuables close to hand without occupying the seat yet still not on the floor mats. As part of ‘Q by Aston Martin’ – Aston Martin’s personalization service – optional features of this center console can be machined from a solid piece of wood, such as Walnut, for added tactility.

Aston_Martin_DBX34Pet_Pack01-jpgPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Aston Martin

Framed by these materials is an abundance of technology. A 10.25” TFT screen sits elegantly flush in the centre console, while a huge 12.3” TFT screen provides a wealth of information to the driver. Apple CarPlay comes as standard, as does a 360-degree camera system and ambient lighting that offers 64 different colours in two zones.

On the exterior, the signature “DB” grill at the front, the sculptured sides and design feature line, and the tailgate with a flip that draws inspiration from Vantage present the DBX to the eyes of its spectators. Details like the hidden side glass seal on the frameless doors. Glass B-pillar finishers add a sleekness and confidence to the stance.

Aerodynamics of the Aston Martin DBX

Aerodynamics were an important consideration within the design process and this included the novel experience for the team of running computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tests with a DBX towing a trailer with a DB6 on it. At the car’s front, the daytime running lights (DRLs) have an integrated aerodynamic duct, which channels air through the front wheel arches and along the side, helping to reduce both drag and lift while also cooling the brakes. Air flows cleanly over the roof, through the rear wing, over the rear window and on to the rear flip. This unique approach and design detail allow the rear screen to self-clear on the move. Aerodynamic design has also played a key part in passenger comfort because as one of only a few companies using computational aeroacoustics technology, Aston Martin’s engineers have been able to keep cabin noise to a minimum at speed.

Aston_Martin_DBX27-jpgPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Aston Martin

The first 500 owners of the DBX will have an exclusive “1913 Package”, fitted with a unique fender badge, sill plaques and an inspection plaque detailing its limited build-run, each inspected by Dr. Palmer. Also, each customer will receive a build-book signed by Aston Martin’s CEO and Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman, and an invitation to a Waldorf Astoria cocktail party, hosted by a member of the Aston Martin Lagonda executive team.
Dr. Palmer said: “DBX is a car that will give many people their first experience of Aston Martin ownership. As such, it needed to be true to the core values established in our sports cars, while also providing the lifestyle versatility expected of a luxury SUV. To have produced such a beautiful, hand-built, yet technologically advanced car is a proud moment for Aston Martin.”

The Aston Martin DBX is on sale now, with first deliveries scheduled to begin Q2 2020. For more, visit