24 Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season: Hublot Skiing Jacket

24 Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season: Hublot Skiing Jacket

Haute Time
By Haute Time December 5, 2015

This month, Haute Time will feature 24 gift ideas leading up to this year’s winter holidays. Inspired by the watchmaking industry, these gifts will be dedicated to collectors of all things hand-crafted. Join us every morning on Haute Time to discover a new idea for that special someone this winter.

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Hublot Ski Jacket

Over the years, ski resorts have witnessed their fair share of fashion faux-pas. From the original onesie, which kept us warm on the slopes way before hipsters decided to bring them into our homes, to the clashing fluorescent pants and jacket combination, they have left us looking back at old photos wondering: “what were we thinking?”

Thankfully, the Swiss are taking matters into their own hands. After TAG Heuer’s awesome limited edition skis, LVHMH co-star Hublot is introducing a custom-designed jacket made for serious watch collectors, available from $3,600.

Inspired by the checkered pattern of the Big Bang Unico, KJUS and Hublot present a jacket with a carbon zipper and a ‘watch window’ inside the sleeve that gives skiers easy access to their watches; crucial for that moment in the day when you have to start timing your way back to the resort before the lifts close.

Kjus Hublot Jacket_3

“This jacket is groundbreaking in many respects: It is full of innovation, best workmanship and also comes in an unseen, very sophisticated look,” says Didi Serena, CEO and Founder of KJUS.

Hublot has also created two numbered Big Bang Zermatt models, in tungsten and red gold, featuring a ceramic bezel, as well as the emblematic silhouette of the Matterhorn at 9 o’clock.

Held on a brown calfskin strap with beige stitching, the Big Bang Zermatt is available in a limited edition of 150.

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