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Aultmore & Ferrier

Aultmore + Laurent Ferrier

Limited Edition: The Aultmore distillery stands within a strange landscape in a remote part of the Speyside region of Keith, Banffshire, often obscured from view by thick mists that arise from the curious local terrain of the ‘Foggie Moss’. Aultmore’s single malt is exceptionally smooth with a clean, grassy, fruity taste, which can be traced to the abundant springs of the neighbouring Foggie Moss. The distillery’s malted barley, entirely free from peat smoke, also adds to the smooth taste of this uncommon Speyside whisky, which continues to be distilled in handmade copper pot stills. Aultmore is often used to go into blends and referred to as the icing on the cake, because it is that good, though there have been some independent bottlings. So it was music to many ears to hear that John Dewar & Sons would be dusting off those old casks and releasing some expressions.

On the nose: you’ll get sweet notes of caramel, brown sugar, alongside vanilla and tonnes of sherry. These initial notes are followed by oatmeal, apple, toffee, madeira and cherry drops. There are some spicy notes floating around in the form of cinnamon and star anise. The nose is rounded off with notes of raisins, marzipan, zest, thyme, rosemary and candy floss. Palate: you’ll experience those sherry notes, coupled with raisins, pear drops, marzipan, vanilla and a welcomed meaty note. Those spicy notes of cinnamon and star anise are present on the palate, along with treacle. Notes of crème brulee start to emerge, with a creamy texture, as well as candy, red apples and a hint of zest. The finish: is long, sweet and spicy with lingering mixed fruits, nuttiness and smoke.

The verdict: This Aultmore 19-year-old has some consistently, beautifully balanced notes that just keep offering more with every sip. This special, limited bottling for The Whisky Shop shows a different side to a more otherwise greener Scotch. This is a genuinely special bottling that in my opinion can be enjoyed how you please, though a drop of water does open it up a bit more.

Info: ABV 50.4% in a 70cl bottle (Whisky Shop Exclusive)

Limited Edition: Laurent Ferrier is perhaps one of the very few independent watch brands that I not only appreciate but also fully respect for their commitment to creating beautifully sculpted timepieces. Their timepieces, from the outside have an air of simplicity about them but remain subtly detailed, keeping the wearer ever intrigued with its beauty. This feat only ever reminds me of a quote I’ve used before when referencing LF timepieces: “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to take away”. Laurent Ferrier are masters at doing this.

The Galet Classic Double Spiral Tourbillon is in essence a watch that speaks volumes without shouting, it is gracefully elegant, timeless and perhaps asserts confidence that is sometimes forgotten when strapping a watch to the wrist. This Galet Classics technical prowess is present but subtle. The Galet Classic DST is a special watch indeed and while it is available with various other dials, this particular hand guilloched dial makes it arguably even more covetable. This dial draws you in, it is a work of art and each hour index simply blends into the guilloche pattern and enhances its features.

At the heart of the Galet Classic DST is the Calibre LF619.01 which makes use of a double balance spring attached to the tourbillon, this mechanism offsets the lateral displacement of the balance axis, which can be prone to unwanted movement that would undoubtedly affect timekeeping. The 41 mm case is trademark Laurent Ferrier, pebble-shaped, in white-gold that is not only organic in form but achieves a fluid form that simply fits the wrist as if it were personally made – in short, it is a limited edition masterpiece.



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