Watches And Whisky: Glenfiddich 40 + Patek Philippe 5270


Maturity: Glenfiddich, founded in 1887 by William Grant and family-run to this day, is perhaps the most famous of all of Scotland’s single malts and is equally famous for the rarity of its single cask bottling’s. Glenfiddich offer a range of Scotch titled “Rare Collection” that is to whisky connoisseurs, pure indulgent Scotch heaven. This Glenfiddich 40 is handpicked from some of the oldest casks in the world, marrying 40-year-old vattings to craft this unrivalled whisky. Each bottle is individually numbered and wrapped in hand-stitched calf leather. Only 600 bottles are released to the world each year and each one is accompanied by a leather bound book telling its 40-year-old story, with certification hand-signed by our longest-serving craftsmen.

Tasting Notes: on the nose: you’ll experience initial notes of fresh red apples, mixed dried fruits, vanilla and brown sugar. This is closely followed by marzipan, a hint of lemon zest, cinnamon and fennel seed. The nose is nicely rounded off with oranges, maraschino cherries, cocoa and tobacco. On the palate: are those sweet dried fruit notes (like a rich fruitcake), a hint of smoke, vanilla and bitter dark chocolate. These are followed by some peppery notes, cinnamon, a lovely smooth leathery note, poached pears and brown sugar. The finish: is long, dry and nutty, with lingering peat.

The verdict: I’ve tasted seriously old scotch before but it hasn’t always been the best of experiences. Whisky aged for this period of time tends to take on too much character of the oak in which it has been aged. However, this Glenfiddich 40yo has the best blend of youth and maturity! It is so well-balanced and keeps offering more notes just as often as you keep nosing and sipping it. A dram that didn’t require any water – though if you do need to then only add a very small amount.

Info: ABV 46.6% in a 70cl bottle (note this changes per batch release)

Sophistication: There are times an item becomes so synonymous with an individual or a brand that it becomes an integral part of the aforementioned identity; An association formed that is so inseparable that doing without it, would diminish the character of the brand or person. For Patek Philippe, it is the perpetual calendar chronograph. Deemed by many not only as the quintessential Patek but also as some of the best watches of all time. They have become graceful lessons in restraint and practicality, in balance and in tradition. The 5270 is the latest addition to this family.

Housed inside the 5270 is a classic column wheel chronograph, using a lateral clutch engagement so you can see the watch functioning in all of its glory. While there are known drawbacks to a lateral clutch as supposed to a more modern vertical one, Patek opted for the former due to the fact that simply stated, they are architecturally and aesthetically more beautiful. Instead, it is the subtle alternations between the balance of beauty and functionality that truly defines a great movement.

The dial is undeniably Patek, with two apertures for the month and day just beneath 12:00, and three recessed sub dials for the minute counter, seconds counter and moon phase. Using rectangular applied index markers, its contrast with the softer leaf-shaped hands is well balanced.

The 41mm case of the 5270 is just pure art. The flared, angular lugs that stick out of the watch contrast harmoniously with the roundness of the concave bezel. The rectangular pushers are spaced perfectly, corresponding with the mentioned lugs that stream downwards and narrows at the end. Nothing here is out of place as the watch is just finely balanced, between masculinity and elegance, complimenting one another. It is truly a master class in case design, which just oozes sophistication.

Thanks to the Watch Xchange for the loan of the Patek Philippe 5270G

Photo Credit: Haute Time. For more information, please visit the official Patek Philippe website. Follow Haute Time on Instagram to catch all of the new releases as they happen.

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