Top 5 Jewellery Trends set by Italian Jewellers at Baselworld 2016

Top 5 Jewellery Trends set by Italian Jewellers at Baselworld 2016

Adrienne Faurote
By Adrienne Faurote April 6, 2016

Baselworld is all about glitter and glamour, and the Italians definitely shone in style this year too. Known for their savoir faire in jewellery-making, Italian designers are the ones to watch out for new design trends and all things fashionable.

Roberto Coin_Rock & Diamonds Haute Jewels 2016

Diamonds & Rock Collection
“Rock in style” is the mantra of this new collection from Venetian designer Roberto Coin. For the first time, the designer introduces a revolutionary design concept where diamonds and spikes come together. The Italian jeweller infuses the rebel swing of 70s glam rock into the design. Revolutionary in its design, white or black diamonds are used with rose, yellow or white gold. The bold silhouette looks as if it were customized for contemporary rock girls, brave and spirited. Rockin’ elegance!

Paquale Bruni_ 4th Chakra Necklace 2016

4th Chakra Necklace
Floral inspirations – An expanse of white diamond flowers forms the precious 4th Chakra necklace. A heart is woven with threads of white gold and enriched with an emerald drop. The colour green provides a positive energy to the wearer, while white diamonds totaling 47.05 carats shine with glamour. The precious emerald drop, weighing 16.68 carats, can be worn to enhance the décolleté or left to fall on the back. The set comes with matching delicate chandelier earrings.

Palmiero Floral treasures Collection

Floral Treasures Collection
Flowers inspire this ring design. The piece is a precious flower bouquet that softly lays on three fingers of the wearer. The ring is comprised of18-carat white gold with diamonds and sapphires. The ring is a part of a new trend in contemporary jewellery, and Italian designer Carlo Palmiero adapts it for his collections by transforming it into a timeless treasure.

Chantecler earrings

Caleidoscopio Collection
Nature, with its shapes and colors, provides wonderful inspiration for these new Caleidoscopio earrings. The continuous exposure to Capri’s beauty and the richness of the island’s landscapes continue to inspire and guide Chantecler’s designers. They say all creation stems from what already exists. In Capri, everything is magical. That concept is translated in the design of these intricate earrings. The latest collection is also a reflection of the incredible kaleidoscope of cultures and diversity that reach this “pearl of the Mediterranean” every year, in the form of international tourists.


Signature Collection
In this piece, gemstones play protagonist. An important Vivid Blue Royal Blue Sugar-Loaf Cushion Sapphire weighing over 10 carats is used to create this one-of-a-kind Picchiotti Signature ring. The centre stone is mesmerizing in its stunningly natural colour, and is surrounded by a complex setting of square diamonds.

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