Hublot Lands in Austin and Completes A Texas Trilogy

Hublot opens its third store in the state of Texas and its first in the booming city of Austin. 

By Adrienne Faurote

Hublot Channels Its Inner Alchemist With Spirit Of Big Bang Gold Crystal

With its art of fusion, Hublot never had a problem channeling its inner alchemist. This is an intricate part of their DNA, and it becomes particularly apparent with watches like the Classic Fusion Gold Crystal, which the brand launched last year. This all-black watch was decorated on the dial with gold crystals, offering a bold and irresistible contrast. Today Hublot is launching the next chapter, incorporating the gold crystal in the Spirit of Big Bang.

Four Sensational Summer Watches For Women

In summer, our preference for watches often changes. Warmer weather lets us forgo leather straps in favor of metal bracelets or rubber ones. As we are enjoying time off, the watches don't have to be business-appropriate anymore. Instead, we get to enjoy fun and outgoing creations, like the following four sensational watches that are perfect for enjoying this summer season:

Hublot’s Rainbow Of Colors

Especially in recent years, Hublot has been a brand in which color plays a very important role. They developed both ceramic and sapphire in vibrant colors that weren't possible before. For the brand, it doesn't stop there as they also love to play with colored gemstones, in particular creating the so-called 'rainbow-watches.' When it comes to these type of timepieces, Hublot has created quite a name for itself, making it a benchmark in the industry in this category. They also continue to strengthen their position, as this year, they already introduced three new watches in this category.

Haute Highlights Of The 2021 LVMH Watch Week

Although digital, was this year's edition of the LVMH Watch Week quite the event. Hublot, Zenith, and Bulgari all showed that not even a pandemic could slow down their drive to innovate, as they presented their latest watches. While they all impressed, these are our haute highlights;

Four Hublot’s That Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Diamonds have the power to transform the look of a watch completely. It can give sportive watches a touch of elegance, where it makes quite a difference if the understated baguette-cut is selected, or the more vibrant brilliant cut, while a mixture of both has an appeal of its own as well. For Hublot, diamonds are also part of the 'Art of Fusion,' as they seamlessly integrate them in the following four stunning watches;

Four Colorful Watches For These Dark Times

The times we are currently facing are challenging for many of us, and for a variety of different reasons. Yet no matter what the reason is, it is essential to maintain hope. Only then can we find the strength to come together, be creative, and work our way productively through the problems. Watches can then be seen as a trivial thing, but apart from being an industry by itself which fuels our economies, can they also serve as an inspiration. When we are capable of making mechanical watches that can measure time with an accuracy of 99.994% (the worst rating with which a watch can still be Chronometer-certified), it serves as a testimony that human ingenuity knows no bounds and that we can persevere. Therefor four mechanical timepieces that can not only inspire but also brighten our day with their colorful appearance.

Avalanche Of New Hublots Launched At LVMH Watch Week

When it comes to novelties, Hublot has a reputation to uphold. It has become a tradition for them to introduce a significant amount of new models twice a year, that in addition to the many special and limited editions that they launch during the year as well. At the first edition of the LVMH Dubai Watch Week, they continue to uphold this tradition. Next to the new version of the Big Bang 42mm with the integrated bracelet, there is much more news;

Watch of the Week: Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Yellow Sapphire

Hublot is a brand of colors. Not only are they not afraid to experiment with different color gemstones, but also the creation of colored ceramic and enamel holds no secrets for them. This is all due to a great technical prowess, which results from a focus on research and development, something that has always been one of the pillars of the brand.

Hublot Gives Very Tasty Appetizer For Baselworld 2019

For Hublot, Baselworld is their main show, but that doesn't stop the brand from already giving a little appetizer in January. As a serial innovator, Hublot thrives on pushing the envelope and introducing new novelties, so don't be surprised that even in this little taste of things to come there are some very serious novelties!

Calling Our Favorites: Hublot

Few brands have such an extensive collection as Hublot, yet also few brands have so many highlights in its collection as well. Its passion for innovation has not only revolutionized the industry but also resulted in watches that combine visual beauty with mechanical excellence, and lots of it. To pick favourites from such an extensive array of masterpieces is a daunting task by itself, but when we utilize the freedom that the term 'favourite' provides us with, the following are our high rankers!

Haute Time’s Five Favorite Ladies Watches From Baselworld

This years edition of Baselworld was also the scene where quite a few stunning watches for ladies where introduced. Only a couple of years ago quartz still ruled supreme, but today most of the leading watch brands have extensive collections of mechanical ladies watches. That doesn't make it any easier for us to select our favourites, but it does make it all the more fun!

Watch of the Week: Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Sapphire

That the shape of the case of a watch can change the way you see and experience it becomes evident when you take a look at Hublot's Spirit of Big Bang Sapphire. In many ways, it is very similar to the Big Bang Sapphire models, but at the same time, it is not.