Smokin’ Hot Watches

Ask Haute Time’s Director of Photography, Alex Teuscher, what he likes to do best, and you likely get as an answer ” do a proper shoot”. Unlike Baselworld or SIHH, where time is a rare commodity and equipment has to be unpacked and packed with each appointment, a proper shoot first of all means having time.

Smokin' Hot Richard Mille
Smokin’ Hot Richard Mille

This time is not wasted but rather savored. It is used to create the perfect setup, an interesting backdrop combined with lightning that is just right. The watches are studied, just to make sure that each and every one of them will be highlighted in a way that shows their unique characteristics.

Smokin' Hot Jaquet Droz
Smokin’ Hot Jaquet Droz

Having a serious passion for watches is, of course, mandatory to achieve this, but as is with any member of the Haute Time team that is available in ample amounts. In fact, it is actually the fuel that feeds the creativity to make these types of shoots possible in the first place.

Smokin' Hot Hublot
Smokin’ Hot Hublot

Although the screen on the camera already gives an indication if the shoot is a success, it is still an exciting moment when the first images are loaded on the computer and can be seen on the big screen. Did everything come out as expected? Has the required effect been achieved? When it turns out that it does, everything comes together, and all the effort has been worthwhile.

While this particular shoot was initially meant for Haute Time Magazine, the entire editorial department concurred that we prefer to see them digitally. On a computer screen, the images seem to turn into GIF’s, as we swear that we can see the smoke linger in front of the watches. Actually, next time around we might indeed create some files with this effect, but then again creativity probably inspires Alex to move on into uncharted territories for a new shoot.




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