Romain Jerome’s “Space Invaders” is a Time Machine Set to the 80’s

Nostalgia for the 1980’s has reached a fever pitch as the Reagan generation matures into their 30’s. Watchmaker Romain Jerome seeks to capitalize on this trend, and craft some extraordinary – and extraterrestrial – watches in the process. Paris’ famous Colette boutique will be offering a limited edition run of the design that is sure to impress young urbanites with disposable income.

Romain Jerome’s Space Invaders watch harkens back to the days of the classic Atari game that jump started the console’s success in the early eighties. A three dimensional, pixelated watch face sits inside a 46 mm case, depicting a scene from the early video game in which a fixed gun at the bottom has just destroyed one of many invading space ships from above.

The watches will be available with aliens set in Colette’s famous blue hue, as well as red, green, purple and yellow. Only eight units will be sold in each color, while the background for each remains the same 3-D, pixelated grey.

Besides the limited number that will be produced, what make these watches truly unique is what’s inside of them: MoonSilverRJ composed of a silver alloy mixed with actual moon dust and steel salvaged from the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

Romain Jerome made news when they produced the TitanicDNA, a watched forged with pieces from the wreck of the doomed luxury liner.

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