New Look For Big Bang As Hublot Launches Integrated Bracelet

Hublot is starting the LVMH Watch Week in Dubai off with a Big Bang. Fifteen years after this visionary model was introduced, it now gets a fully integrated bracelet. Back in 2005 did the Big Bang introduce us to the ‘Art of Fusion’ by combining ceramic, rubber, and steel into a single watch in an innovative way.

Big Bang Integral Titanium_ 451.NX.1170.NX
In those fifteen years, the Big Bang has been fitted with a wide variety of straps, which often combined various materials. This year it is time to return to where the Big Bang came from and use the same metal as the case to craft an integrated bracelet from. To do so, Hublot had to change the way that the case was designed so that it seamlessly goes over into the bracelet.

Big Bang Integral King Gold_451.OX.1180.OX
The design of the bracelet is inspired by the chronograph pushers of the first Big Bang. The bracelet consists out of a large central link, flanked by two smaller ones. This gives it the kind of rigidness and sturdiness that you expect from a sports watch. Just as the chronograph pushers show the links of the bracelet chamfered edges and alternates Hublot between a polished and a satin finish. This results in a bracelet that can only be mistaken for one from this innovative brand.

Big Bang Bracelet Integrated Ceramic
Hublot is releasing the Big Bang Unico 42mm with the integrated bracelet in three different materials. First, there is the titanium version, which combines its sportive looks with the wearing comfort that only this light metal can give you. More heavy on the wrist, for all the right reasons, is the Big Bang Unico 42mm in King Gold. In this proprietary alloy does Hublot combine gold, platinum, and copper. It results in 18-carat gold that has an unusually warm, red look to it. Last, but most certainly not least, is there the All Black-version, which is limited to 500 pieces. This watch features another material that plays an essential part in the history of Hublot; ceramic. The brand not only crafted the bracelet, case, and bezel from this material but also complemented it with black hands and hour markers, which makes the watch do justice to its name.

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