Hublot Goes Green!

In the hustle and bustle of Geneva last week, it seems like a minor introduction, yet one that most certainly warrants a closer look, as Hublot launched the Classic Fusion with a green dial. Normally, a modest change of dial color is little reason for excitement. This seems especially the case for a brand like Hublot, which is known to pull out all stops for its new models and limited editions. So what makes this green dial so special?

Hublot Classic Fusion Green
This is, in fact, the color green that Hublot selected for the watch. There is an incredible play of light that can change the sunburst dial from fresh pine green to a more green, golden glow. Especially captured in the pure case design of the Classic Fusion, this results in an understated yet enticing sports watch, although in the universe of Hublot most will probably view it as a dress watch.

Hublot Classic Fusion Green
Another dimension is added by choice of case materials, as Hublot offers the Classic Fusion with green dial in either titanium or King Gold, both in time-only or as a chronograph. The choice of material also has its effect on how you experience the dial. In brushed and polished titanium the green seems to get a cooler look, while the King Gold, almost obviously, brings out more of that golden glow. In both cases, the watch is matched by one of Hublot’s unique straps which are the result of a fusion of their own. The top layer is made from green alligator leather, while the lining is made from rubber to optimize wearing comfort.

Hublot Classic Fusion Green
As a time only watch, Hublot offers the Classic Fusion not only in either two metals but also in four different sizes: 45mm, 42mm, 38mm and 33mm, all powered by an automatic movement. The chronograph is also available in both metals, yet always housed in a 45mm case. No matter which one you pick from the line-up, the new Classic Fusion Green is more than just a different color, but actually a new way of experiencing this iconic watch.

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