Hublot and Arturo Fuente Announce Partnership to Celebrate 100 Years of Fuente Cigars

Luxury watch manufacturer Hublot of Switzerland and manufacturer of the now-legendary Opus X cigar  Arturo Fuente launched their partnership recently in Santo Domingo of the Dominican Republic and both companies announced that $150,000 of the proceeds of Hublot’s  exclusive limited edition King Power Arturo Fuente timepiece, made specially for the occasion, will be donated to the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation which provides a safe haven and home for orphaned or abandoned children in the Dominican Republic.  To mark the unveiling of the watch, Arturo Fuente has created a special edition of their Opus X cigars destined for Hublot, adorned with specific ornamental rings to cement the new partnership.

CEO of Hublot Ricardo Guadalupe and Carlos Fuente of the cigar company, who are friends and head very similar companies, decided it was time to celebrate the friendship by partnering up in a new endeavour and paying tribute to each other’s industries:  Hublot with a Fuente-cigar inspired watch packaged in a beautifully crafted Hublot cigar box, and Arturo Fuente with a limited special edition of the Opus X cigar destined to be sold at Hublot.

Both men claim that it was simply a matter of time for the concept of luxury cigars and luxury watches to be combined; not only are the workshops of the watch maker and cigar maker run in a very similar, highly professional fashion with exceptionally skilled craftspeople, their Las Vegas boutiques also happen to be neighbours.

The King Power Arturo Fuente timepiece comes in two versions:  a gold version of which only 100 will be made, and a ceramic version of which 200 will be available to the public.  Both versions will feature the Arturo Fuente cigar logo at the six o’clock position.


Story and photo source courtesy of Hublot

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