Haute Time Presents: Martin Frei Of Urwerk Watches At Basel World

At Basel World, I had the opportunity to meet with Martin Frei of Urwerk watches. He builds watches that are next level, ranging from $95 to 110K Swiss Francs, including a special tourbillon pocket piece that is over $350k Swiss Francs. Only eight of these were made and all are sold out.

The UR-1001 is a piece that is one of a kind. In fact, Uwerk doesn’t even call their model UR-1001 a pocket watch, they prefer the term “Zeit Device Über Complication.”

Martin Frei’s passion for watches is amazing. Urwerk has been an advertiser in our magazine through its distributor John Simonian for many years but it was a huge opportunity to sit down with the creator and see how Martin Frei was able to develop the watch. He gave me a thorough tour and understanding of the UR-110, which is one of my favorite watches on the market.

Check out the exclusive video above to get an inside look at my meeting with  Martin Frei of Urwerk Watches at Basel World.

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