Haute Time Meets For Breakfast At The Four Seasons NYC With Zenith CEO Jean-Frederic Dufour

Upon returning from Basel World 2012, Haute Time had the opportunity to meet with Zenith CEO Jean-Frederic Dufour for a breakfast at the Four Seasons in New York City.

Dufour has been with Zenith since 2009 and implementing innovative new ideas with the company.
Zenith recently put out its new Pilot Collection and while Zenith has been creating aviation timepieces since the first days of flight, Dufour believes it is important to honor and see through that strong legacy. In part of the new collection, Zenith created a limited edition 58mm watch in titanium (250 pieces) and gold (70 pieces). Arnold Schwarzenegger was so impressed with the massive watch at Basel World that he purchased one of each version.

Also a part of the new Pilot collection, Zenith debuted the world timer alarm watch called the Doublematic and the Pilot Chronograph.

Zenith has been a very important part of the Swiss watch industry and is rich in history.  Zenith is one of the very few brands that creates 100% of its own movements. A stand out of Zenith is how it has mastered the Tourbillon. The details, the value and the craftsmanship put into the creation is unparalleled.


Check out the video above to get an inside look at our breakfast meeting with Zenith CEO Jean-Frederic Dufour. Find out which incredible watch he wears daily, what Zenith movement he is most proud of and what special watch he would recommend to a customer if price was not a concern.

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