Haute Auto of the Week: 2014 Mercedes Benz S Class

The German luxury maker from Stuttgart, Germany, walks around with an “S” on its chest, and for many reasons. Maybe because Mercedes-Benz reigns supreme in almost every luxury and performance category when it comes to its passenger cars and SUVS? Or simply because the “3-pointed star” is represented as the status quo for high society? To demonstrate its lofty status, Mercedes just introduced to the world the 2014 S-Class, which once again defines perfection in an opulent touring sedan.

The new S-Class. Press Drive, Canada 2013, Die neue S-Klasse. Pressefahrvorstellung in Kanada, 2013

The flagship sedan has earned 110 years of brand loyalty, dating from the era in which Wilhelm Maybach developed the Mercedes Simplex 60 hp in 1903, a vehicle that opened the pathway to ultimate fulfillment behind the wheel. The S-Class has always been ahead of its time in technology, convenience, and comfort. It is traditionally the vehicle of choice for political leaders, executives, athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs and achievers. With the S-Class at the helm, Mercedes is once again the number one luxury automaker in the United States and spares no expense to stay there for the remaining six months of 2013.

The new S-Class. Press Drive, Canada 2013, Die neue S-Klasse. Pressefahrvorstellung in Kanada, 2013

While some automakers devise ephemeral vehicles to play on temporary desires, the new S-Class is a permanent fixture in the company’s stable. Additionally, it seems plausible that this vehicle will set the automotive safety bar for some years to come. For example, Active Lane Keeping Assist will steer the S-Class back into its lane if the data from the stereoscopic and radar sensor detects that it crossed the line. The S-Class is like an owl by night and a feline by day as it’s able to detect and display areas and objects with 360 degree vision.

Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse, S 400 HYBRID (W 222) 2013

Mechanically, the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is defined by its streamlined stance and efficient and dynamic mechanics. It starts with the S500’s 455-horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque V8 engine and 7G-TRONIC PLUS transmission. Shifting between modes is accomplished by the unique column gear lever and the seven speeds can be manually shifted by paddles mounted on the steering wheel. There is also the option of the 306-horsepower S400 HYBRID and 258-horsepower S350 BlueTEC diesel, both with V6 engines.

Other pleasantries and safety wizardry consist of the heated middle console, pillow-like headrests, airbag seatbelts that spread the energy load of an impact across the body, an AIR-BALANCE package for air filtering and fragrance, a powerful Burmester 3D Surround Sound System, and the First-Class rear suite which so captivated me. You can rest or choose executive mode and flip out the foldable tables to work on your laptop.

The new S-Class. Press Drive, Canada 2013, Die neue S-Klasse. Pressefahrvorstellung in Kanada, 2013

If you’re spending time up front, additional highlights are at your disposal beginning with the new COMAND system developed by HARMAN, more massaging, and the aforementioned 24-speaker and 1540 watt Burmester 3D sound system that will run you an added $6,400. When turned up the sound is similar to an iMax experience at the theatre.

Available September in dealerships expect the new S-Class to start around the current base price of $95,000. Don’t worry. This carpet is well worth its weight in gold!

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