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Total Transparency: 5 Watches with Sapphire Cases for See-Through Visibility in Every Direction

Hublot Big Bang Sapphire Unico

By Roberta Naas

Just recently, Greubel Forsey unveiled its $1.3 million Double Tourbillon 30-Degrees Technique Sapphire watch. The entire case of this limited edition (8 pieces) watch was milled from a single piece of sapphire, revealing the 396-part movement. This watch is exemplary of the new direction many watch brands are taking when it comes to utilizing high-tech materials for watchcases. READ MORE

Rebellion Timepieces T-1000 Gotham Boasts World’s Longest Power Reseve

Rebellion Timepieces T-1000 Gotham Boasts World’s Longest Power Reseve

The watchmakers at Rebellion Timepieces have unveiled the T-1000 Gotham, a limited-edition watch with a power reserve as epic as its namesake city. The T-1000 Gotham timepiece works 40 days before needing to be wound up again, with a power reserve of more than 1,000 hours – the world’s largest. This incredible endurance is the result of six mainspring barrels, which generate energy for an over-sized winding lever integrated into the back of the titanium case. The barrels are part of a patented energy distribution system wherein the barrels are wound in parallel by two finely-engineered chains, discharging in series (2 x 3) READ MORE

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