Boeing’s 747-8I VIP Jet: First-Class Reimagined


Greenpoint Technologies’ pioneering transformation of Boeing’s 747-8I VIP from a commercial liner to fully customized private aircraft does precisely that, giving new meaning to the phrase “first-class.”

Greenpoint Technologies, a Washington-based firm that delivers aircraft interior for VIPs, and Heads of State, has recently signed on to deliver its trademark Aeroloft sleeping suites for an undisclosed buyer. No surprise here, though: Boeing’s profile among elite buyers moves ahead full throttle as sales surge in 2017 to $2.7 billion—three of which were 747-8s.


“We continue to see a lot of customer interest in Boeing’s family of business jets and that is translating into new orders and growing backlog,” said Greg Laxton, leader of Boeing Business Jets. “Customers seek more space and greater range,” he continues, “which is driving significant growth in the large-cabin segment.”


A veritable palace in the sky, the 747-8 falls under the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) line; the 747-8 is the largest of the 747 families; and is 10 percent lighter per seat while consuming 11 percent less fuel. The reconfigured ultra-long-range business jet has an ultra-large-cabin, flies 14,816 km (8,000 mi) at Mach 0.86 (659 mph), and offers 4,786 square feet (444.63 square meters) of cabin space.


The tri-level aircraft also sports a stateroom, lounges, offices, bespoke storage units, a master bedroom suite, kitchen, conference, and an enormous dining room that seats 14. A fully customizable stairway also leads to private sleeping suites for eight, located above the main deck, between the upper deck and the tail.


The four-engine wide-body jet is among the world’s most luxurious, not least because a newly assembled 747-8 comes “naked”: completely empty. The interior of the plane is fully customizable; buyers consult with their design team to create the jet of their dreams; spiral staircases, vaulted ceilings, video displays, and wood flooring are configured to suit the nearly 5,000 square feet of cabin space.

The Boeing 747-8I private jet is not just one-of-a-kind. It is truly one of the most extravagant and exclusive displays of wealth in circulation on planet earth. Cost… $370 million. The power and prestige that comes with owning one… priceless.

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