Bentley Unveil Continental Flying Spur

Bentley are embracing traditional craftsmanship and Old World refinement with their new Flying Spur. The luxury automakers are touting this new Grand Tourer model as an experience which has become lost to other carmakers, giving customers that classic ‘limousine’ feel.

Underneath the bonnet of the Flying Spur is one of world’s most advanced 12-cylinder engines with a 552bhp (560PS) 6-litre twinturbo charged powertrain, meaning this model can go from zero to sixty mph in less than five seconds, and has a top speed of 194mph (312km/h). Four camshafts and forty-eight valves help generate the torque associated with the Bentley name, meaning that from as low as 1600rpm, the W12 engine produces 650Nm (479lb ft) of torque.

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