5 Questions With Doron Basha, CEO and President Of MILUS USA


Haute Time: Tell us some of the most exciting developments at Milus today?

Doron Basha: We discovered that Milus was involved in a US Navy Program to save airmen’s lives during the Pacific campaign during WW2. The program was called “Life Barter Kits”, in essence, airmen would be given a hermetically sealed durable rubber case containing valuable gold items and a watch – namely a Milus Watch inside in order to potentially trade for their life, in the event they were forced to parachute onto islands of the Pacific populated by indigenous tribes who were often cannibalistic in those years.

Milus will be launched a Limited Edition of the watch found in these “Life Barter Kits”  from the 1940’s at the Basel Fair 2012. This unique discovery points to the important historical DNA that Milus represents as a brand.

Haute Time: What watch do you wear daily?

Doron Basha: Tirion Tri-retrograde in titanium, and I get stopped regularly at admirers request.

Haute Time: If money was not a concern, which Milus would you recommend to a customer?

Doron Basha: Tirion Tri-retrograde Minute Repeater LTD no doubt. It is the epitome in Swiss Horology artistry.


Haute Time: For movement, what watch do you produce that you are most proud of?

Doron Basha: Tirion Tri-retrograde Minute Repeater LTD again, the movement combining the two mechanical wonders, Tri-retrograde and Minute Repetition, is exclusive to Milus and is absolutely exquisite.

Check out the in the video below

Haute Time:  Blackberry/Iphone/Android

Doron Basha: Iphone

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