5 Questions With Christophe Claret Of Christophe Claret Timepieces

Haute Time: Tell us some of the most exciting developments at Christophe Claret today?

Christophe Claret: The most exciting project which is been developed at the moment is a movement for the Christophe Claret brand. It is single-pusher automatic chronograph with, you can imagine, additional interesting and useful innovations. We will present it at Basel World 2013. It is a real challenge to present such a complicated product in important quantities and with attractive prices. It is a new way of developing, producing and assembling this kind of product.

 Haute Time: What watch do you wear daily?

Christophe Claret : I wear a 21 BlackJack from Christophe Claret.

Haute Time: If money was not a concern, which Christophe Claret would you recommend to a customer?

Christophe Claret: I would recommend the Adagio, which is a minute repeater with hours and minutes indication, GMT with day/night indication and big date, sold with a good quality price (between 268 and 318’000 Swiss francs). The big date system is patented, as well as the Cathedral gong mechanism of the minute repeater.

Haute Time: For movement, what watch do you produce that you are most proud of?

Christophe Claret: Since the Claret Manufacture was created 22 years ago, we have been producing around 70 calibers. I am personally involved in every single movement in terms of conception, aesthetics and innovation research. It is too difficult to answer. It is as if you asked a father to say the one of his children he is most proud of!

Haute Time:  Blackberry/Iphone/Android

Christophe Claret: I have an Iphone 4S. I have always bought Iphone, since the first was launched.

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