What’s On My Desk: Vincent Perriard, CEO of HYT


Vincent Perriard is the CEO and creator of HYT Watches. He is very well known and respected in the watch world and is no doubt inspired and influenced by his surroundings everyday. Here is what he keeps on his desk:

One of my three Macs
I cannot do without these—with the main reason being that there are great interface facilities between all Mac devices. So when I am on the move (every week), I can stay connected in any place, in any situation.

Mini iPad
This is for my music, when on the train or on the plane.

My morning coffee
I have at least three or four cups each morning—but I don’t drink it because of I need energy from the caffeine. I have enough already. I drink decaf only.

Loud Speakers
I like to turn the volume up! My colleagues and friends at the HYT offices sometimes hate me for playing too loud, and too electro!

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