What’s On My Desk: Jacob Arabo of Jacob & Co.


Jacob & Co. is a luxury timepiece and diamond jewelry house founded by Jacob Arabo over 25 years ago in New York City. Arabo, CEO of the company, oversees the business as well as design and source stones. He wears many hats for the brand and has have come a long way from the 14 year-old boy who Emigrated to the U.S. from Uzbekistan. Here’s what he keeps on his desk to stay inspired:

I can’t live without it! I’m constantly receiving calls and emails from clients. Our clients are located in all different time zones on continents all over the world. The way we do business today is taking a very global perspective with very personal relationships. We know what our clients want and we deliver very special pieces daily. With so many of my clients being in so many different countries – my availability is crucial to them. With the Blackberry, I am always reachable.

A family photograph
Family is very important to me. They constantly inspire me. Without their love and support, I wouldn’t be the success that I am today.

Diamond scale
I need to have one at my desk at all times because I use it to weigh diamonds. The shape, color weight and size of a stone are all equally important in the creative process. There are times when a design stems out of one particular stone; I sit it on the scale and after I examine it, determine its weight, size and shape I often become inspired to create a design around it to make a piece that truly showcases the beauty in that special diamond.

Diamond loop
Every jeweler must have this! I use it constantly to check the color and quality of diamonds and other stones from every angle.

My Elephant Figurine
I have it for good luck. I’m a spiritual person and I believe in having items that bring me peace and positive energy around me. The figurine puts me at ease and keeps me focused.

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