Watch of the Week: TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph

Even though other technologies surpass mechanical watchmaking in terms of precision, many brands continue on their quest to further perfect it. On the forefront of this, we find TAG Heuer. The brand has dedicated itself to utilize cutting edge technology to find new and innovative ways to increase the precision of mechanical movements. One of their developments in this field is the Isograph hairspring, which debuted in the Carrera Nanograph, the brand’s tourbillon chronograph with in-house caliber 02T movement.

TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph
TAG Heuer has found a way to craft hairsprings out of a carbon composite. As a result, this dramatically reduces the negative effect that shocks and magnetic fields have on the precision of the movement.  With the Carrera Nanograph, TAG Heuer incorporated this in a movement of their own. In the Autavia Isograph, they offer for the very first time this technology in a third party movement. Calibre 5 is based on the Sellita SW200, a reliable automatic movement, which gets even better when fitted with the Isograph hairspring. With this development did TAG Heuer effectively created a middle road between in-house movements and those purchased from third party suppliers. By adding proprietary technology to such a movement, they create a unique proposition for watch connoisseurs, while at the same time keeping the price more than interesting. To amplify the superb performance of the watch, is it also Chronometer certified.

TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph
What makes the Autavia Isograph also stand out within the world of TAG Heuer is that it is not a chronograph. With it’s easy to read dial, it is, in essence, a mix between a pilot’s watch and one that would be favored by a race car driver. That is also precisely how the Autovia was always intended as its name is made up out of combining the first letters of the words Automotive and Aviation. The case of the Autovia Isograph is 42mm in diameter, and TAG Heuer offers it in both steel as well as bronze. It is equipped with a rotating bezel, which comes in handy when timing a particular event. All the dials on the Autavia Isograph feature a Fumee-effect which gives a watch a bit of a vintage feel, and even more character. Not that it needs it because the bold hands and Arabic numerals are already quite expressive. All these elements combined make the Autavia Isograph an impressive force, that combines strong design with innovative technology, with the right tip of the hat to the history of the brand.

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