Watch of the Week: Parmigiani Kalpagraphe ADLC

Subtle changes can sometimes result in a dramatically different watch. This is most certainly the case with the new Kalpagraphe ADLC from Parmigiani. You can take this quite literally as both the two new models feature a case with a black coating of Amorphous Diamond-like Carbon, better known by its acronym ADLC. This coating has quite a few advantages, and one of them is that it is very hard. This means that it is very scratch-resistant, but the unique thing about ADLC is that it combines this quality with being highly elastic as well. As a result, it will not chip off, but it can also be smoothly applied to a watch case, and are especially suited for those with a more complex shape.


This is evident when you take a look at the two new Kalpagraphes. The characteristic tonneau shape remains even in this dark color tempting. Parmigiani opted to give each of the two watches a slightly different character, and does so for starters by applying a different finish to the ADLC. The first version offers a polished ADLC case and combines this with a crown and chronograph pushers in rose gold. This gives a beautiful contrast yet at the same time does the polished finish on both materials  create a sense of harmony. The dial takes this to the next level by being crafted from dark grey sapphire with rose gold details. While its legibility is superb, the sapphire dial also gives us a slight insight into the inner workings of the watch, enhancing its technical looks.


The other Kalpagraphe is similar in nature only here does the ADLC on the case have a more matte finish, to which Parmigiani refers as ‘frosted.’ While the dial on this model is also made from sapphire, the details are in silver to match the steel crown and chronograph pushers.Parmigiani rightfully fitted both these watches with a rubber strap. This is the perfect finishing touch for this model, as it makes them just that bit more sportive than a black alligator would have done.

Both the Kalpagraphes are fitted with caliber PF334, a beautiful manufacture movement that combines beveled bridges with a circular graining and offers a 50-hour power reserve. The version with the rose gold details combines this with an oscillating weight crafted from rose gold with a guilloche motif, while the other one has a more technical approach with one crafted from stainless steel. Each of the new Parmigiani is limited to 99 pieces and is expected to be in the boutiques around the world, like the one in beautiful Miami, this November.

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