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We have plenty of information about Rolex’s Deep Sea watches, including this article on Hollywood director James Cameron’s dive into the Mariana Trench.

The DeepSea Challenge, the joint scientific expedition sponsored by Hollywood director James Cameron, National Geographic and Rolex, made the first-ever successful dive  27,119 feet into the Mariana Trench, the lowest point in the planet, off the coast of Australia and Papua New Guinea on March 26.

Now the expedition shifts to the next phase of scientific analysis, long-term planning and solicitation of support support for the expedition today. The prototype submersible, the DeepSea Challenger, piloted by Cameron, will undergo further engineering for future dives.

Partnering with National Geographic and Rolex, the director of Terminator, Titanic, and Avatar fulfilled a life-long dream to explore the bottom of the sea. A Journey to the Bottom of the Mariana Trench surpassed the move of his rival Richard Branson whose previous attempt resulted in poor video quality at best due to the unexpected amount of silt that was stirred by the submarine.

When on his expedition, James Cameron wore an exclusive, special-edition watch as part of the evidence that Rolex was involved in the expedition. The watch, which is unusual due to its white dial,
is so rare that many question its authenticity. The watch is authentic and highly prized by collectors.

Despite the rivalry, Richard Branson offered Cameron his sincere congratulations and offered a potential joint trip to the bottom of the sea, partnering his “Virgin Oceanic” with Cameron’s “Deepsea Challenger.”

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