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We have a large selection of Dior watches, including the ten themes that make up the Piece Unique collection.

Christian Dior is proud to announce the debut of their new line of Pièce Unique watches for women, each one a unique iteration of Dior’s signature color palette.Ten themes make up the Pièce Unique collection, with a 36 mm case of white gold featuring a transparent back coming standard on all models. A mother of pearl dial is also common to the ten designs, as is the Zénith elite caliber movement.

The motifs start to differ with the stones selected to ornament the the watch. Interested buyers have the choice of baguette cut sapphire, spinel, ruby or amethyst to garnish their pièces uniques. Arranged along the bezel, crown and horns, the elongated baguette cut stones allow for a spellbinding exercise of symmetry in minute proportions. The bracelets used in the collection are made of either satin or taffeta and tulle, each one reminiscent in color and texture to some of Dior’s most famous gowns. The embellishments of the basic dial differ from model to model, some featuring mother of pearl marquetry accentuated with smoky quartz while others are inlaid with diamonds.

First featured in French Vogue, the Pièce Unique collection serves as a salient reminder to the coterie of discriminating watch enthusiasts that the House of Dior does more than make dresses or eaux de toilette.

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