Valentine’s Day: Say It With Ceramic

There are many ways to say ‘I love you!’ but giving a watch to your loved one is a way that lasts. Particularly for men, it is often one of the few items of jewellery that they wear, so it serves as a daily reminder of that someone special. But which one to choose? Especially in the last few years ceramic has turned from a trend into a staple. The material was pioneered in the watch industry by Rado and IWC, but is now also an intricate part of the DNA of brands like Hublot and Zenith. It is light, scratch resistant and heats up to the same temperature as the skin quite fast. But while the choice for the material might be obvious, the specific model can still be a quest of its own in which these four suggestions might help.

Zenith Defy Blue Ceramic

Zenith Defy Classic
What Zenith calls ‘Classic’ is for most other brands already very progressive. It says a lot about the way that they approach innovation, both in terms of technology as well as in materials. This blue Defy Classic is one of three ceramic watches that Zenith introduced last month. Next to black and white, is this watch also available in blue, a favorite color of many men! It is fitted with a matching blue rubber strap and powered by a skeletonized Elite-movement which is made in Zenith’s own manufacture.

Omega Speedmaster "Dark Side Of The Moon' Apollo 8

Omega Speedmaster ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ Apollo 8
When you love your man to the moon and back, this very special version of the legendary Speedmaster is right up your alley! The case is crafted from black ceramic, but it is the movement that takes center stage, as Omega decorated it by using a laser in such a way that it looks like the moon’s surface. This creates a very special effect, while the yellow details make this Speedmaster not only look sporty, but also very legible!

Hublot Orlinski Red Ceramic

Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski Red Ceramic
Creating red ceramic is incredibly difficult, as very high temperatures are needed to make the material, which burns up the color pigments. As ever the innovator has Hublot found a way around this and created the most vibrant red ceramic you can imagine! Combine this with a case sculpted by Richard Orlinski and you have an instant winner on your hands, or actually on your wrist. It can hardly get any more perfect for Valentines Day, as red is of course also the color of love.

Jaquet Droz Ceramic Skeleton

Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Skelet – One Ceramic
The Grande Seconde Skelet – One Ceramic from Jaquet Droz can probably best be described as a progressive classic. While it contains many classic styling elements, it brings them to life in a very high-tech way. The case is crafted from black ceramic, the dial is made from sapphire, and the movement is heavily skeletonized. It results in a watch with which it is almost impossible to not to fall in love with!


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