Urwerk Releases UR-105M “Iron Knight” And “Dark Knight”


On Wednesday, Urwerk announced the release of the UR-105M, an avant-garde timepiece inspired by medieval times. The watch comes in two variations: the “Iron Knight” with a brushed steel armor bezel, and the “Dark Knight” with a black AITiN-treated steel armor bezel.


According to Urwerk’s co-founders, Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner, the design is inspired by the aesthetic and functional purposes of medieval suits of armor.

“The visible screws on the bezel not only bring a distinctive aesthetic to the watch, but also tack the steel armor onto its titanium body,” said Martin Frei, adding that the resulting shield “protects the mechanism from the outside world’s aggressions.”

The UR-105M has everything you’d expect from an Urwerk: orbiting satellite hours and an over-sized crown at 12 o’clock for an equally over-sized watch. But inside, things have changed. The UR-105M houses the new UR 5.01 movement, a manually-wound movement which combines the brand’s already famous satellite display with added indicators.


At the heart of UR-105M time display four forged-aluminum satellites slowly orbit. Each of these satellites is visible during their 60-minute journey along the minute scale. A circular PEEK (PolyEtherEthercetone) canopy with openings enhances the current hour. Once the hour has elapsed, the satellite – guided by a Geneva cross – rotates and continues around its orbit for another three hours before returning to the center stage

On the right side (underneath the minute dial), a honeycomb seconds disk indicates the passing of 10 seconds. This indicator is synchronized to another seconds indication on the right side of the caseband.

“The main technical challenge is ensuring excellent isochronal performance of the satellites while minimizing friction and loss of energy,” said Mr. Frei. “We took up the challenge and chose specific materials to minimize mass and thus maximize chronometric efficiency.”

Running seconds and power reserve indications are also present, this time laterally, through two separate protruding sapphire crystals.


Flip the watch over for additional displays and customizing tools on Urwerk’s signature ‘Control Board’: an oil change indicator alerts the owner when the watch should be serviced via red indications, while a green and red “+/-” indicator allows him to micro-adjust the watch’s rate for better accuracy.


The “Iron Knight” and “Dark Knight” UR-105M models are available in limited editions of 77 numbered pieces, retailing for 58,000 CHF and 63,000 CHF respectively. For more, visit Urwerk.

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