Throwback Thursday: Omega Ladymatic

1707The Omega Ladymatic, when it was launched in 1955, was not the world’s first automatic watch for ladies, but it popularized interest in ladies’ automatics at the time, introducing the concept of convenience. “A day’s wearing gives it a power reserve of 36 hours,” read one ad. Another started with the catch line: “Exit: A lady’s most guilt-laden excuse for being late, ‘I forgot to wind my watch!’ Now that the Omega Ladymatic is here, this chore is taken care of by the watch itself.” And who knows where that might have led, had it not been for the quartz revolution, circa 1970, and the devastating effect it had on mechanical watchmaking.

Now that we have re-established the convenience of the “lady’s” automatic watch – more convenient than quartz even, which requires a trip to the battery changer – Omega’s Ladymatic is picking up where it left off. Today’s model contains the automatic co-axial caliber 8520/8521, the pride of the Omega brand, and it is revealed through a crystal caseback.

Aesthetically, the original Ladymatic looks a lot the same as today’s. Thick round case in 18k gold with angled bezel and Ladymatic logo, along with Omega symbol.  (We’d love to see a revival of that beautiful woven gold bracelet.) The price back in 1955, in yellow gold case and bracelet? $900.

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