The Soprano Musical Timepiece by Christophe Claret

With The Soprano, unveiled by Christophe Claret, you can listen to the time rather than having to look at your watch. The minute repeater strikes four notes, playing a C note for hours, a higher pitch tone for minutes, and the tune of the Westminster Quarters for quarter hours. Also known as the Westminster Chimes or the Cambridge Chimes, every fifteen minutes, a four-note melody plays echoing the sounds of the bells of the St. Mary the Great Church in Cambridge, England. The music sounds on a patented Cathedral Gong system designed to separate sounding coils and eliminate the irritating buzz of touching vibrations.

However, if you prefer to view the hour, you will be greeted by a beautiful dial-free face and case-back made of sapphire bridges referencing Charles X, and sapphire components to allow a view into the technically complex internal workings of this musical timepiece. The watch is encased in a titanium caseband chosen to transmit sound through metal. It is dial free to allow the wearer to appreciate the tourbillon escapement, operation of the minute repeater, winding mechanism, and the mainspring barrel. The Soprano is available for 468,000 Swiss francs in rose gold, and 476,000 Swiss francs in white gold.

Image courtesy of Christophe Claret

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