The Riva 90’ Argo Makes Premieres in Miami

Contemporary, distinctive, and high-tech, the new Riva 90’ Argo premiered on March 9 during a private event at the Epic Marina hotel in Miami. The new model features the best qualities of its predecessors, the 100’ Corsaro and 110’ Dolcevita, and the brand’s recognizable design elements, yet introduces a unique personality to the Riva family.

Riva 90 Argo

With a length of 93 feet and 6 inches and a beam of 21 feet and 4 inches, the 90’ Argo possesses distinctive features such as large hull windows, a beautiful deck with full-height glazed windows, and glass surfaces on the aft lateral structures. The version presented in Miami was designed to cater to the American market with an alternative cockpit layout featuring a bar unit and coffee table by Paola Lenti. 

Riva 90' Argo

The new flybridge was born out of a partnership between the Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee and Engineering Department along with Officina Italiana Design. Needless to say, the new model continues to prove the brand’s excellent craftsmanship with its superior qualities and continuous visual appeal.

Riva 90 Argo WW première in Miami. 2

“The Riva 90’ Argo is an exceptional flybridge that elicits a complementary blend of attention to detail and emotion. The sight of it alone is a spellbinding experience. Once you are on board, you realize why the new Riva flybridge generation is currently unrivaled,” said Alberto Galassi, CEO of the Ferretti Group. “We named it after Argo, which was the vessel of the famous Argonauts and the first ever ship to sail the seas. It is also the Italian name for Argos, which is one of the largest cities in Greece. With its innovative looks and its fabulous fusion of style, luxury and technology, Argo has set a new benchmark that will guide Riva and the nautical world in the near future.”


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