The Life Lessons Of The HYT H0 Time Is Precious

The end of the year is for most people a time of reflection, where they think about all that happened in the past year. This is often also a natural moment to look forward at the coming year and make plans for it. An essential piece of wisdom, to always take to heart, is provided by the HYT H0, which has ‘Time is Precious’ engraved in its stainless steel case band twice in mirror writing.

HYT H0 Time Is Precious
These three words contain a lot of thruth, and the rest of the design of the HYT H0 further underscores this. The dial is especially something else. HYT crafted this marquetry dial from 63 pieces of silicon, which were all laser cut. The result is a dial that not only looks like it is crafted from broken glass but also shows an incredible play of light thanks to their mirror polish. Another aspect of this HYT, and many others as well, that remains mesmerizing is the domed sapphire crystal that covers all this greatness.

HYT H0 Time Is Precious
Cutouts in the dial also provide you with a glimpse of what makes HYT such a unique brand, the two bellows that play a vital role in the ability of this watch to tell time through fluid. Through a hollow ring on the dial side, a red fluid is pumped, which indicates the hour, while a small dial at twelve o’clock with a traditional hand indicates the minutes. Perhaps surprising is when you turn the watch over and find a mechanical movement where you might have expected something powered by batteries.

HYT H0 Time Is Precious

The HYT H0 must be wound by hand and offers a power reserve of 65 hours, as is indicated by another cutout on the dial as well, which is very generous, given its unique complication. The finish of the movement parts is very refined and on par with what you would expect from a Swiss Haute Horlogerie brand. This is also a way in which they amplify their message, as time is too precious to spend it with anything less than a great watch around your wrist.

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