The iWatch: Are Sophisticated Watch Buyers Interested?

Today I stumbled across an Apple campaign for the launch of the company’s iWatch, which is supposed to launch in 2013. Reviewing the watch, it will have the iTUNES, but the coolest feature is that it will have FaceTime. We already have FaceTime on our phone, and unless you are in a strong Wifi signal, it doesn’t work so well.

I’m not sure if I would rather speak to someone via my watch than my phone, but reviewing this, we feel the iWatch can either be a game changer or a bust. Plus, the question is would sophisticated watch collectors wear a iWatch over a Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, etc? I am not sure, but it definitely is going to be a huge seller, and looks very cool. The price point is no out yet, but I assume it would be around $300 to $1000.

Photo courtesy Wired.

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