TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45: Welcome to the Future!

With the introduction of the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 the Swiss brand has created the first modular smartwatch, and with that stepped into the future. Developed with their partners Intel and Google, the new watch has raised the stakes and set the new benchmark that seamlessly connects the world of mechanical watchmaking with that of the smart watch.

The unique watch display and companion app on the TAG Connected Modular 45 understand your plan for the day and proactively assist in keeping you on track. The watch became available worldwide on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. (Credit: Intel Corporation)
TAG Heuer developed three different base modules for their new watch: one smart connected one, and two mechanical one. Lugs, straps, bracelets and buckles are interchangeable. This allows people to wear a smart watch for their daily run, switch over to a mechanical one for a lunch meeting, and afterward back to the smart module again. Or of course in any other way that meets your needs. The new TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 puts you in charge!

This goes far, very far. Not only can you choose the module that suits you, but you can also select the lugs that you want with it. Options vary from titanium, 18K rose gold, and even a diamonds setting is available. Next, you can pick your strap or bracelet, with TAG Heuer offering various options in leather and rubber, as well as bracelets in black ceramic and titanium. All these parts can create a single watch, but since switching them out can be done by yourself in a matter of mere seconds, you can also buy them separate so that you can create a new look for your watch at a moment’s notice.

Being a smart watch means that it comes with different dial designs. The watch itself can hold 40 different face designs. It is pre-loaded with ones that celebrate some of the most iconic watches in TAG Heuer history, but you can also create your own. For this TAG Heuer offers a studio though their app where can you customize a dial to your liking, displaying all the information that you want, where you want, and in which color your want.

The mechanical modules are a classic three-hand watch, and…..the tourbillon chronograph. This puts quite a spin on the whole concept, as it allows you to switch from a high-end tourbillon to a smart watch. A bridge too far? Think again. Many people who might as well be able to afford the tourbillon, prefer the functionality of a smart watch. However, they now might be tempted to actual purchase the tourbillon as well, for special occasions, and because they can easily change back and forth, it will always fit their needs.

(L-R) TAG Heuer General Director Guy Semon; TAG Heuer Head of Connected Division Tom Foldesi; and vice president of Intel New Technology Group Jerry Bautista pose for a photo in front of the Golden Gate Bridge at the St. Francis Yacht Club
(L-R) TAG Heuer General Director Guy Semon; TAG Heuer Head of Connected Division Tom Foldesi; and vice president of Intel New Technology Group Jerry Bautista pose for a photo in front of the Golden Gate Bridge at the St. Francis Yacht Club

This also brings into play another option. Being a modular watch, you can even forgo the smart connected module altogether and only get one of the two mechanical ones. This way you can customize your watch with different lugs, straps, and bracelets and enjoy a modular, mechanical TAG-Heuer.

When you do this, you do miss out on quite some extraordinary features. The new Connected Modular 45 watch features a lot of innovations that were the result of the unique partnership between TAG Heuer, Intel, and Google. The case of the watch is now entirely made from titanium, as Intel found a clever way to place the antenna’s so that its performance is enhanced instead of limited. Also is the watch waterproof to 50 meters. This means that you jump in the water and don’t have to worry about your watch. With built-in GPS you can also just go for a run and don’t even have to bother to take your phone with you. Also, apps can now be downloaded straight from the Google store onto your TAG Heuer connected. Need to make a payment? Swipe your watch, and you are ready to leave the store? They even developed some very clever new functionalities. Do you need to grab milk when you get out of the office? Typically this reminder would be set in time but not anymore. You TAG Heuer connected will know when you leave the office and then gives you the reminder, even when you go out early or are running late. This is an entirely new way of approaching this topic.

With the new TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45, the brand has set a bold step into the future. It not only shows us how a next level smart watch can look like, but it also shows us the way on how traditional watchmaking can be integrated into such a concept so that they create synergy. The winner is above all the consumer, who gets more choice, more functionality, and a far more personal watch. Welcome to the future!

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