Super-Watches: Hulk And The HYT H1 Rose Gold

Hulk And The HYT H1 Rose Gold

Here at Haute Time we like to have a bit of fun, and realize that many of the online magazines covering high-end watches and jewelry tend to repeat themselves when a new product is launched. Therefore, we wanted to share a feature that’s become one of our favorite topics inside the magazine: What would our favorite super-heroes wear on their wrist.

We’ll start with an obvious pairing, the HYT H1 Rose Gold (seen below). It’s nicknamed the Hulk, because of the green liquid that travels through the dial, and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate watch for Marvel‘s rage-filled hero.

Hulk And The HYT H1 Rose Gold
HYT made a very unexpected and strong impression when it debuted the primordial H1 line back in 2012, and it’s been very difficult to predict the small independent brand. HYT has shown no signs of weakening, growing from a couple of references to 20 different models in 2015, and CEO Vincent Perriard is predicting more of the same in 2015. The brand kicked off the year with a Skull watch that may be going straight on another Avenger’s wrist.

The HYT H1 Pink Gold features a 48.8mm case with brushed pink gold bezel, lugs and crown. It’s big, bold, and it will scare anything “puny” or “weak,” so it will certainly act as the Hulk’s accomplice. On the flip side, the movement is right up the physicist alley. It’s a mechanical hand-wound exclusive HYT caliber with a 65-hour power reserve and retrograde fluid hours, minutes and seconds functions.

Of course, the H1 Pink Gold isn’t the only green-liquid model available form the brand, but we’d like to think that Mr. Banner would prefer the more classical rose gold option once he returns to his self-assured self. According to Screen Junkies, the Hulk may be getting a new stand alone movie soon, and we certainly hope will involved. The HYT H1 Pink Gold is priced at $84,000.

Photo Credit: Haute Time. For more information, please visit the official HYT Watches website.

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