Stephen Forsey Presents Greubel Forsey’s Novelties in Moscow

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Watchmaker Stephen Forsey was recently in Moscow, where he sat down with Haute Time‘s Russia editor, Andrey Presnov.

During Mr. Forsey’s visit, he personally presented Greubel Forsey’s new novelties, which we’re sharing today with Mr. Forsey’s comments on each piece:

Greubel Forsey Moscow-2
Double Tourbillon 30° Technique Bi-Color

This new Double Tourbillon 30° Technique Bi-Color features a two-toned design, with the red gold of the case and the deep black chrome finish of the movement. The first tourbillon carriage rotates horizontally in four minutes, while the second, inclined at 30°, goes around in one minute. The watch boasts a power reserve of 120 hours!

Caseback of the Double Tourbillon 30° Technique Bi-Color

The Double Tourbillon 30° Technique Bi-Color is a complicated and expensive piece, which requires a detailed explanation. Therefore, we often invite our future customers [to the manufacture]. It is important to introduce them to the manufacture and to the masters, to show the production process, to explain why our pieces have such architecture, how the complicated mechanics work and how much energy we expend in finishing. Thanks to this approach, we establish a special relationship with our clients; from that moment we become friends.

Greubel Forsey Moscow-6
GMT GF05 Platinum

We presented the GMT GF05 Platinum at the 2014 SIHH. The dial features a miniature globe made of titanium, a lightweight metal, reducing the energy needed for rotation. The globe makes one complete rotation every 24 hours, going counter-clockwise (the Earth’s natural rotational direction). Using the globe, you can intuitively interpret the time in different parts of the Earth.

Greubel Forsey Moscow-7
Caseback of the GMT GF05 Platinum

A secondary dial at 10 o’clock on the GMT GF05 Platinum gives us a more accurate second time zone. A 24-hour disc, with one representative city for each of the time zones around the world is visible through the caseback.

To give you an idea of these pieces’ true appearances, we present the video below, which captures the tourbillons’ rotations. (Keep in mind that the speed of the video had to be increased; in reality, the carriages moves twice as slow.)

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