Samsung Set to Deliver First ‘Smart Watch’

Earlier this morning we told you about a watchmaker jumping into the world of smartphones. Well, the cross-over continues! This week it was revealed that electronics giant Samsung is set to deliver the first ‘smart watch’ to market.

The race to bring this product to market has been tight, with Samsung, Google and Apple all filing patents for ‘smart watch’ designs. (For those who haven’t been keeping track, the ‘smart watch’ concept is a wristwatch that acts as a portal to the computing and mobile operating system (clock included) of a phone. The circuit board and touch-screen display on the watch communicate with the wearer’s phone, providing a secondary access point while the phone stays in the pocket or bag. That means the smart watch wearer could do everything from controlling their music to taking calls.)

Now Bloomberg is reporting that Samsung will introduce the new Galaxy Gear next month. Bloomberg cites sources as saying that the Galaxy Gear will be able to make phone calls, surf the Web and handle e-mails. The device will reportedly be unveiled September 4, just prior to the IFA consumer electronics show.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that Apple has a 100 person-strong team of designers working to develop their own ‘smart watch’. Their sources report that Apple will bring their product to market by February.

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