Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill Criticized For Wearing $30,000 Breguet Watch

The picture above from 2009 has become the buzz of Russia due to the watch worn by Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, who has been criticized for flashing an expensive watch.

What kind of watch is it, exactly? The timepiece worn by the church leader is believed to be a Breguet that sells for more than $30,000. However, he told Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyev that he never wore such a watch, only “an inexpensive Russian-made watch.”

A photo of Kirill popped up on the church Web site, but the watch had apparently been doctored out (see below). Its reflection on the shiny table, however, had not.

The press service for Patriarch Kirill reportedly apologized Thursday for a “silly mistake” made by photo editors. Russia Today quoted the service as saying a 24-year-old female employee “acted out of stupid, unjustifiable and unauthorized initiative” in editing the photo.


Source: LA Times 

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