Rolex Finally Joins the Social Media Movement

“Welcome to the official Rolex Facebook page.” So read Rolex’s first foray into the world of social media. This week the company shocked the watch industry with the unveiling of official Rolex pages on Facebook and Pinterest.

While the majority of luxury watch brands have cultivated a social media presence for several years now, Rolex stood with just a handful of brands which resisted the trend (including Patek Philippe). At the outset, many brands feared the lack of control associated with open-concept brand pages. For example, if a user posts a negative review on your Facebook page, the brand is faced with the dilemma of whether to leave public a negative opinion or censor its fans.

However, with manufactures growing not only awareness but brand loyalty through tools like Twitter, even the most luxury brands have embraced the benefits of social media. Indeed, it’s clear that fans were keen for the luxury watch giant to join the world of social media; a fake Rolex page on Facebook accumulated more than half a million ‘likes’.

It remains to be seen whether Rolex will also develop its Twitter account; the brand has had the handle @Rolex for some time, but the account has remained inactive, with no tweets or followers.

Photo courtesy Rolex.

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