RJ-Romain Jerome Debuts Limited Edition DeLorean Tribute Watch

The new timepiece by Romain Jerome stays true to the aesthetic of the DeLorean car, a star of the Back to the Future trilogy embedded in the memories of a generation, echoing its brushed stainless steel body , rear engine and gull-wing doors with an imprint of the iconic vehicle engraved on the case-back alongside the number of the watch. The collection is limited to 81 watches, a reference to the year the DeLorean was in production. The ring around the minute counter at 3 o’clock imitates the DeLorean wheel rims. The hands pull inspiration from the dashboard, while the small second dial finds its colors from the DeLorean’s tail lights. The coal gray strap is stitched from upholstery leather mimicking the car’s interior.

The DeLorean holds a special place in the hearts of science fiction and popular culture fans alike. It’s visionary design, lasting materials, and ahead-of-the-curve safety measures guaranteed it a deeply devoted community of fans and owners. With the launch of RJ-Romain Jerome’s DeLorean DNA, this community joins that of watch collectors and hobbyists while paying tribute to the 6,500 DeLorean masterpieces still left in the word, adding another 81 iconic pieces for their memories.

Photo courtesy of RJ- Romain Jerome

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