Richard Mille Introduces 4-Piece Limited Edition Watch for Golfer Bubba Watson

Richard Mille, the luxury watch manufacturer, to support brand partner golfer Bubba Watson, has recently introduced a very special four piece limited edition Tourbillon RM 038 Bubba Watson “Victory” Watch.  The chronograph pays tribute to Watson’s win at the 2012 Masters in Augusta, Georgia, and ten percent of proceeds from the sales of the watches will go to Watson’s charities of choice.

Some of the features of this fine special timepiece are a skeletonised, manually wound tourbillon caliber, and the balance cock and baseplate bridges are both crafted from grade 5 titanium, making the watch robust yet extraordinarily flat.

A fast rotating barrel contributes to enhanced timekeeping performance by enabling internal mainspring adhesion to be reduced periodically.  Other techniques and innovative materials have been used in the watch to improve resistance and durability.  

However, the most important aspect of launching this special edition timepiece is to help brand partner Watson in his “Bubba and Friends drive to a Million” initiative.  Richard Mille has always been involved in charities and is pleased to be a part of Watson’s effort to raise a million dollars for charities he supports.    The golfer himself will be donating a large amount of his own earnings at the end of this year and has already been auctioning off several of his own personal belongings on EBay to raise funds and encourage others to do the same.

Almost $800,000 has been raised thus far, and Richard Mille decided to give a helping hand with the sales of the remaining three watches in the limited edition set of four.  The fourth watch will be worn by Bubba Watson as a reminder of his outstanding Augusta victory earlier this spring.


Story and source:  Richard Mille Press Release

Photo source:  Watchalyzer

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