Porsche Unveils One-Of-A-Kind Boxster Bergspyder

During the 2019 Gaisberg Race, classic cars took over the Salzburg’s city streets with gorgeous panoramic mountain views with a highly-anticipated event focused on driving performances, love for motorsports and four-wheel classics. This year, Porsche unveiled the Boxster 981 Bergspyder, a ready-to-drive prototype sports car from the coveted luxe automobile brand inspired by the 909 race car from the 1960s.

(right) The Boxster Bergspyder; (left) The Porsche 909


The never-before-seen model was unveiled earlier this month after finalizing development in 2015 and being kept a secret at the development center in Weissach. For the first time, car enthusiasts and collectors will get a first look at the rare model based on the brand’s 909 race car from the Porsche Hillclimb racing cars from the 1960s.

the single-seater car was commissioned by the executive board as a means of creating a luxe car that was as light and minimalist as possible. The prototype aimed for a more radical and uncompromising design in order to achieve an exceptional power-to-weight ratio associated with superior driving dynamics.


The car features a combination of design elements inspired by other Porsche models, including a dashboard fitted with elements from the Porsche 918 Spyder. The one-seater car’s passenger section transforms into the car’s second luggage compartment that provides the driver with a helmet shelf, removable cover for the driver’s seat and additional luggage space.

The Bergspyder includes minimal insulation material and weight-optimized components, weighed at 1,099 kg and powered by the 3.8-liter 289 kW boxer engine from the Cayman GT4. While the car is not available for sale, the prototype model is now on display at the Porsche Museum.


All photos courtesy of the brand.

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