Pelé is on the Cover of Haute Time’s Fourth Issue

Soccer legend Pelé covers the fourth issue of Haute Time magazine. Still as relevant as ever at 73 with an upcoming biopic in the works and endorsement deals still ringing, Pelé discusses his adventure to Nyon, Switzerland to create his signature time piece.

In addition to pieces featuring the top brands and the best new watches, the magazine also contains the following stories.

Pele-LORESCover Story: Pelé
 “I was joking with Hublot’s president, saying, ‘If Brazil wins, every player should get a Hublot watch,’” Pelé says with a laugh. “And he said, ‘Ok!’” Although Pelé was of course rooting for Brazil, the legendary footballer undoubtedly weathered the home team’s defeat a bit more easily than if he had been on the pitch. “I’m much more relaxed [now that I’m not playing]. When you’re outside the field, it’s much better, but of course I still feel tense because I want Brazil to be the champion,” Pelé says.

Pelé also discusses the family-friendly nature of soccer, ““The biggest family in the world is soccer,” and expresses his admiration for the work of another globally iconic footballer, “To have a name like Beckham here is very, very important and very good for the sport.”

Inside the Inner Sanctum of the Rolex Empire
Haute Time visited the offices of Rolex to look at the diligent and precise engineering and manufacturing that goes into upholding the legendary aesthetic that the brand has cultivated throughout the years.

Top 10 Baselworld: Ten Wonders from the Temple of Timekeeping
For as long as any watch enthusiast can remember, the debate between the merits of vintage and avant-garde time pieces has always persisted. Brands also chime into the discussion, and pieces displayed at Baselworld 2014 made strong cases for both aesthetics. Here are the 10 best watches that Haute Time scooped at the event.

On My Count: Haute Horlogerie Brands are Competing for Top F1 Partnerships
With 500 million fans worldwide, Haute Horlogerie brands actively seek out spotlights in the F1 arena, especially in 2014 which is shaping up to be a particularly exciting season.

Paneraimania: A Chat with Officine Panerai CEO Angelo Bonati
“In general, everything was done correctly, which proves the result: over the last 18 years we have become a market leader in the prestigious sports wristwatches segment. Now it’s easier to talk about the mistakes than to descry them in the daily work. For example, there were some failures in communications, but let us knock off here.”

Refined Elegance: A. Lange and Söhne CEO Wilhelm Schmid on his Brand’s Big Year
A. Lange and Söhne has gone global, and when the brand landed in the Middle East Haute Time had a chance to catch up with its CEO.

Zen Master: Audemars Piguet CEO François-Henry Bennahmias
François-Henry Bennahmias spends most of his days at the factory in Switzerland, but when he recently traveled to New York City there was absolutely no way that Haute Time was going to pass up the chance to engage in an in-depth one-on-one with our industry’s leading figures.

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